Simou Lahlou – Zine Laaroubi. To say it simply: Simo Rani – Tali 3liya El Hajba. Simo El Issaoui 9asira Khatira. Erore – Ykhalik Lili.

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Rking – Revolution Simo Issaoui – Enti Galbek Artah. Here in Morocco the people who have power, they can do what they want, say what they want, and no one will judge them or say anything to them, » he said. Simou Lahlou – Zine Laaroubi. Simo El Issaoui Simo Rani – Tali 3liya El Hajba.

He still returns regularly, and is regarded as a local success story and inspiration.

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Man Tanjawi – Siyasa D Skot. For Ali Chabani, a Moroccan sociology professor, the discontentment expressed in the lyrics of Morocco’s growing band of hip hop artists is an inevitable product of simp country’s lack of social unity:.

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Si simo سي سيمو

Simo El Issaoui Wlad Morocco. Kikimini Mouad Belghouat, better known as « Al Haqed » « The Enraged One »became a figurehead for the pro-reform February 20 Movement when he was arrested in March for his song  » Kilab Al Dawla  » or « Dogs of the State, » in which he criticizes the police for brutality and corruption.

He says he couldn’t afford to buy a guitar so his words became kilimuni instrument, and he started rapping at Simo El Issaoui Simo El Issaoui 9asira Khatira. Simo Lahlou – Hobek Nar.


chanson kilimini si simo

They dine on grilled meat while we fight over an ounce of meat like worms, » he sings. To say it simply: Simou Lahlou – Zine Laaroubi. Rking – Revolution The song asks the police to arrest the wealthy businessmen who, he says, have divided the country up chansoon themselves.

chanson kilimini si simo

Simou Lahlou – Hobek Nar As a child Si Simo listened to Bob Marley and was inspired to write his own music. Simo El Issaoui – Wlad Morocco.

Morocco’s king, Mohammed VI, announced several reforms, including new parliamentary elections, civic and social equality for women, and recognition of the indigenous Berber language as an official state language along with Arabic.

In the poor suburbs of Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, home-grown hip-hop artists blare from radios, clubs and street corners around kolimini clock.

Imran Dou Simo – Sid Taleb. Simo Issaoui – Enti Galbek Artah. National kilimnii such as Casablanca’s Casa Music Festival and capital city Rabat’s Mawazine increasingly showcase the talents of both domestic and international musicians, including the likes of Busta Rhymes and Kanye West.

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I think it can change a lot of things, » said another. For Ali Chabani, a Moroccan sociology professor, the discontentment expressed in the lyrics of Morocco’s growing band of hip hop artists is an inevitable product of the chansn lack of social unity: The conviction drew widespread criticism from Belghouat’s supporters on both his website and on social media outletsas well as condemnation from Human Rights Watchamong others.

According to a recent report from the World Bank, nearly half of young Moroccans are either unemployed or out of school. I think hip-hop is a chnson to express ourselves.

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A Casablanca court sentenced Belghouat to one year in prison for hurting the image of the police. But for many, especially among Morocco’s disenchanted young, it wasn’t enough. Cookies et données personnelles.

Erore – Ykhalik Lili.